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3 Safeguards that Guarantee Quality Auto Repair

Posted at Fri, Jul 17, 2015 1:15 PM

Earlier this week, we shared a horrifying story with you regarding the “Jiffy Lube Scam,” which unreeled wild footage of a slew of automotive shops engaging in unethical behavior, reported by whistleblowers from multiple news sources across the country. If you haven’t had the opportunity to view it, watch it here.

If you’ve ever been uneasy, anxious or at the very least concerned when it comes to automotive repair or more specifically, with whom to trust your vehicle and your family’s safety, you’re not alone. Every day, millions of Americans find themselves online, sorting through hundreds of consumer reviews in hopes of finding a good, reputable shop. Often times, customers are left disappointed, at the very least.

Regular vehicle maintenance is something that affects us all, there’s no way around it. At one point or another, you’re going to need the help of a qualified professional. So, who can you trust? Where do you go? How can you be sure your vehicle is in the best hands?

At Toothman Ford, your safety and satisfaction are our top priority. We’ve implemented safeguards to protect you, your vehicle and our staff. For your peace of mind, our state-of-the-art facility is equipped with cameras that monitor daily activity, during and after regular business hours. Secondly, we employ a group supervisor that carefully monitors our day-to-day operations, exchanges and subsequent footage, to ensure that we’re upholding our commitment to you, our valued customer. Lastly, we provide each and every customer with a detailed report, indicating completed work and any findings during our scheduled service to promote owners’ education, transparency and overall ethics.

"Last year alone, we spent over $13,000 in sending our certified technicians to off-site training and over $62,000 in equipment upgrades to our shop," remarked owner, JR Toothman. "We take pride in our professionalism and quest to fix it right the first time, and this includes the integrity of establishing an honest relationship with our customers."

While we cannot speak to the business practices of all automotive shops within the immediate Grafton, Morgantown, Clarksburg or Bridgeport areas, nor beyond those perimeters, we can disclose how we choose to run our family-owned and operated business. After all, do you want to enlist one of your most expensive possessions to unqualified labor? Save yourself the hassle and trust the experts at Toothman Ford.

"While we are competitively priced, we will never be the cheapest game in town based upon the expertise of our staff and our commitment to fair wages and safety; however I have found most times in life that you get what you pay for in regards to service products," said JR Toothman.

When it’s time to have your vehicle serviced, do not be remiss. Head to the Ford Certified Service Department that takes automotive service to the next level, Toothman Ford.

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