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Toothman Ford Now Offers Customers Free Scan Check Service

Posted at Wed, Jun 4, 2014 8:47 PM

When a dash light or warning light appears, such as the “check engine light,” the vehicle’s diagnostic system has detected a problem. While this light may pop up for any number of reasons, the service staff at Toothman Ford typically finds that the issue is related to the engine, transmission, brakes or suspension system.

With dozens of potential possibilities, drivers are strongly advised to bring the vehicle into a licensed service department for assessment. When the check engine light appears, more often than not, drivers are not required to pull over on the side of the road; however, it is imperative that the vehicle is taken to a professional shop as soon as possible!

Troubleshooting requires hooking the vehicle up to a diagnostic tool, which, as many of you know, can cost a pretty penny. The staff at Toothman Ford is not only trained in diagnosis and repair, but also offers a Free Scan Check service, providing customers with valuable information regarding what type of work will be required, at no additional cost.

“While this initial scan, similar to that provided by Autozone or Advanced Auto Parts is not all comprehensive,” remarked JR Toothman, owner, “it does provide a good cost-efficient starting point for our customers.”

We are happy to provide this service at Toothman Ford, where price transparency is always our aim.You can count on the expert staff at Toothman Ford to properly diagnose and repair your vehicle. Make an appointment today, and get back on the road.

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