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4 Things You Must Consider Before Buying New Tires

Posted at Thu, Jul 10, 2014 6:13 PM

Ford senior master technician, Jim Twitchell, explains what you should know-and ask- when searching for the perfect set of tires.

1) What’s the first thing to consider? Ask yourself: Am I happy with how long my last set lasted? How did the car handle? If you liked your current tires, consider buying the same ones. Tires typically are in production for about four to seven yeras. Then they are spun off into something new with a slightly different tread pattern. Your Ford Service Advisor can track that down for you.

2) How can I prep for weather conditions? There are all-terrain tires that have a more aggressive tread for improved traction in various conditions. Winter tires are designed with rubber compounds that deliver optimal safety and control in cold weather conditions. Wet-weather tires have tread that channels water away from under the tire and off to the side, which allows more of the tire’s surface area to remain in contact with the road and helps prevent hydroplaning.

3) Is there such a thing as a fuel-efficient tire? Many tire manufacturers offer low rolling resistance tires that can deliver improved fuel efficiency. However, the simplest way to get better fuel efficiency is to have proper inflation, rotation and inspection; this is easy to do as part of regular maintenance with The Works Fuel Saver Package from Ford.

4) Where should I buy replacement tires? At the tire shops, they want to sell you what they’ve got, so you may be encouraged to buy, “What Joey has in the back.” Your Ford dealership is purchasing tires for your particular vehicle and will make sure you get the best tire for your car installed by factory-trained technicians.

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