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True-Market Pricing

Posted at Sat, Jan 30, 2016 10:00 AM

Surely by now you’ve seen and/or heard a myriad of advertisements from automotive dealerships on your local television networks and radio stations. A good bit of these commercials feature salesmen that toss around seemingly new phrases like “clear transparency,” “no-haggle” and “bottom-line pricing.” Unfortunately, for many of these dealers, the lofty words are just a sales pitch.

“The words transparency and value market pricing are catch phrases to a lot of dealers, to us they are a lifestyle,” explained owner, JR Toothman. “We consistently price our vehicles well below market values so that the consumer saves time and money and avoids the headaches associated with the traditional car-buying experience. "

The honest-to-goodness truth is that the idea of running a fair business isn’t a new concept at all. In fact, Toothman Ford has been honest and direct in all business practices since 1967. Because of that, we’ve seen tremendous growth and increased profit share.

"We are a renegade car dealer in the fact that our margins are so thin on many vehicles, that it angers our competitors," later remarked Toothman.

Since Day 1, Toothman Ford has consistently offered what we call “true-market pricing” or, full disclosure in all areas of pricing, including total cost, customer rebates and added incentives, as well as MSRP and NADA value. What’s more, we’ve always presented accurate and up-to-date vehicle history reports—when applicable— for your family’s safety and peace of mind.

Customers have really been impressed by our true-market pricing, and it’s shown. As a result of our superior customer service and quality of overall buying experience, we received the nod for 2015 DealerRater Ford Dealer of the Year. Read what customers from Grafton, Fairmont, Clarksburg, Bridgeport, Morgantown and well beyond the parameters of our beautiful city and state have had to say about the quality our vehicles, the depth of our service and the experience of our staff. Click here.

You’ll quickly find out that we’re not just talking the talk. At Toothman Ford, we’ve never—and will never— hide behind fruitless words. We let our actions speak louder.

The point is, nobody should pay more than they have to for a quality car, truck, SUV or crossover—no matter if it's brand-new or pre-owned, and regardless of budget. If you want to pay more, that’s your business. If you want complete transparency and consistent fair-market pricing, that’s our business.

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