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Ford Splits Into Electric and Gas Divisions

Ford Splits into Electric and Gas Divisions

Throughout Ford's long history, it has been an innovative leader in the auto industry. Its passion for spearheading the industry's evolution has been centered around electrification for many years, and it has produced exciting options like the Mustang Mach-E and the F-150 Lightning. Ford has strengthened its commitment to electrification by splitting the company into two divisions. These divisions are known as Model e and Blue.

Ford Model e Division

Ford has made several bold pledges to define its commitment to electrified vehicles in recent years. The Model e division is a specialized entity tasked with EV development and innovation. Ford initially announced that it would deliver 600,000 EVs to consumers worldwide by 2023, and it has recently upped that goal to two million EVs produced by 2026. More than that, Ford intends for at least 50% of its total sales to be derived from EV sales by the end of this decade. To launch the division on solid footing, Ford has invested $5 billion into its EV line this year.

Ford Blue Division

While the popularity of EVs has grown in recent years, Ford plans to continue serving its customers' needs through the innovation and production of gas-powered vehicles in the future. This will happen through the new Blue division. Models produced from this division are the Bronco, the Explorer, and others. The separate divisions will enable Ford's talented engineers to specialize in one key area. Through the creation of the two divisions, Ford plans to see an increase in net profits.

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