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How to Choose a Used Car

2020 Ford Escape SUV

While you may be excited to buy your next car soon, you may also have some anxiety about finding the specific used car that suits your needs well. At Toothman Ford, our team knows how important it is for you to make a well-informed decision about your next vehicle, and we are standing by to assist you. Before conveniently exploring our online inventory, spend a few minutes preparing for your search by focusing on these critical points.

Decide What Type of Used Car Is Right for You

With smaller and larger trucks, SUVs, and cars to choose from, you should narrow your search to the specific type of car that is right for you. For example, a larger SUV is essential if you need space for more than five passengers. A powerful, full-size truck could be essential if you have important towing or hauling needs.

Identify Must-Have Features for Your Next Used Car

Each auto shopper has specific expectations for the features they need in their next car. For example, if you spend much time in your vehicle, you may want a wireless charging station or a higher-end sound system. Specific advanced safety features may be essential for elevating your confidence on the road. While listing your must-have features, you can make a second list for the preferred or not required features.

Determine Your Budget

When you shop for a used car, you understandably have value in mind. While our prices at Toothman Ford are always competitive, you will find a wide range of sales prices. The sales price is determined by mileage, age, condition, feature, and other factors. You can use our website's loan calculator to determine your budget better and estimate how much equity is available in your old car through our trade-in value tool.

Explore Your Options at Toothman Ford Today

Picking out your next used car is easier when you have a firm idea of what you are searching for. You also need plenty of options to explore and choose from, and our inventory at Toothman Ford always holds a diverse selection for you to choose from. Contact our sales office today to test drive any used cars in stock.

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