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How-Tos for Electric Vehicles

Ford F-150 Lightning EV & Ford Mustang Mach-E EV

Toothman Ford wants to help you make your next electric vehicle purchase confidently. We know that many drivers have questions about electric vehicles. These are some of the more common questions our customers ask.

How can I maximize my electric vehicle's range during winter?

When possible, park your EV in the garage. Keep it plugged in when it is not in use, and turn off its heater while charging. Optimize the use of the heated seats and steering wheel, and use the HVAC system minimally. Maintain a moderate speed while driving. In addition, maintain proper tire air pressure.

How do I get the best range from my all-electric vehicle?

Maintain a moderate speed, and use cruise control when possible. Take the time to warm and cool down your car's cabin by setting scheduled departure times. This is possible through the FordPass app. In addition, choose a route with fewer stoplights and stop signs. Avoid stop-and-go traffic as much as possible. Avoid using features that create drag, such as a cargo carrier or a bike rack. You also should follow your EV's recommended maintenance schedule.

How do I maximize my electric vehicle range?

Several factors impact your EV's range. You can optimize the range by choosing a larger battery pack and keeping vehicle weight as light as possible. When possible, drive in more moderate temperatures. Minimize your use of the HVAC system. Choose flatter routes rather than hillier routes. Moderate your driving habits by maintaining a reasonable speed and accelerating gradually.

How do I reset my EV driving history?

To get the most accurate range reading, you should seasonally reset your EV's driving history. On the SYNC screen, tap on the Vehicle image. Then choose Settings > Vehicle > EV Driving History Reset.

How do I set the maximum charge level for my electric vehicle?

Through the SYNC display screen, select Settings > Charge. Toggle the Charging Locations option to the on position. Using the pencil or edit icon, click + Add New Location. Then, adjust the Max Charge Level to the highest level. Click Next > Next to save the new settings.

What is the intelligent range in the Mustang Mach-E?

The Intelligent Range feature in the Mustang Mach-E tells you about your vehicle's remaining range. This feature is updated regularly through software updates for the Ford Power-Up feature.

What is my Electric Vehicle's Distance to Empty when fully charged?

After driving your Ford for at least 500 miles, or roughly 12 hours, your Ford's learning algorithm can accurately estimate your range based on driving habits, cabin conditions, and other factors. The range may change over time if these factors change.

What is the Electric Vehicle (EV) Routing feature in Apple Maps?

Through the 2021 and 2022 Mach-E's Apple CarPlay features, the Apple Maps EV Routing function can help you plan your route. It can also tell you where the EV charging stations are located on that route. Keep in mind that your vehicle must have a minimum iOS 15.4 version to access this feature. In addition, it is only offered with 2021 Mach-E SUVs that have the following SYNC software versions: 21281_PRODUCT.244, 22028_PRODUCT.358, or 22034_PRODUCT.364.

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